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who we are, Who We Are

Direct Financial A People First, Property Second Company

Direct Financial brings education and insight to the property owners of America. We seek to relieve property owners through our wide array of consulting services.

Cody Perez
Direct Financial USA

Family, Military and Business are the three words that come to everyone’s mind when they hear the name Cody Perez. Cody’s main mission in life has always been serving and helping others, so it’s easy to see why he chose to join the United States Army at the age of 17.  During Cody’s time in the military, he served with the elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, it was while serving in this Regiment that he learned some of the many great principles that Direct Financial USA is founded on today.  Though he enjoyed his time in Special Operations, Cody began to Dream Big,  these dreams would eventually lead him out of our nation’s military and into establishing Direct Financial USA, one of the country’s fastest growing business’s.


Cody Perez’s dream is simple; deliver world class products and services that provide value, equity and integrity to as many Americans as possible. After studying, researching, working within and analyzing multiple business’s, Cody took a very educated leap of faith that many successful business people have taken before him, Cody decided to implement his plan and establish Direct Financial USA. One of Cody’s primary objectives was to build a world class organization that would not only let him live out his dream , but allow others to live out their dreams as well.  As CEO of Direct Financial USA, Cody works tirelessly to provide the absolute most value to as many American’s as possible.  While Direct Financial USA is the Company, Cody Perez is the Heart & Soul that inspire’s ” A Tradition of Trust”  that permeates throughout the organization.  One of Cody’s many philosophy’s when it comes to customers is, “Good is not Good Enough”, it’s these type of directives that Cody instills within the staff that have become the foundation of Direct Financial USA.

who we are, Who We Are

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